What’s All The Fuss About #UshersLeg?

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This week struck an interesting trending chord in the Twitter-sphere as an unusual hash tag made its way to the top.

While record-breaking music artist and The Voice Season 4 coach Usher is no stranger to the spotlight, it’s actually one of his body parts that’s made headlines rather than his body of work.

As one of the new judges on the hit NBC singing competition, his fame and out of this world talent have been put to good use so far as the final blind auditions came to an end. But, surprisingly, what has captivated America most aren’t his smoldering good looks, swooning smile or dynamic dance moves.

It’s his leather-clad leg that’s stealing the show!

Trending worldwide Tuesday #UshersLeg made its big debut on social media after The Voice’s Twitter page decided to “play a game.” It didn’t take long before hundreds of fans took over and submitted their own versions of the kicked-back, relaxed pose with that draped arm that drips with cool.

So what more came out of this trending phenomenon?

Well, for starters the @UshersLeg Twitter page was created, and the hilarious parody account may only have three tweets, but well over 450 followers and counting.



From pets to kids and even 90-year-old grandmothers, Celebuzz gathered the best photo versions of #UshersLeg that came out of Tuesday’s fan frenzy over Usher’s now infamous appendage.

We have a feeling #UshersLeg might be staying around for a while as the singing competition starts to heat up.

And as the saying goes — “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

So I couldn’t help but jump in on all the fun and take a stab at perfecting that Usher swagger.

Which do you think is my better #UsherLeg pose?




 Or with some attitude?


And now that the season is in full swing, I’ll be watching out for Usher’s new moves.

In the meantime, you can catch ‘the leg’ and the rest of Usher in action, along with Adam, Blake and Shakira on The Voice as the battle rounds begin April 15 on NBC.

Even  Shakira gets in one the Usher leg craze! Watch below and tell us if this is just too much or you can’t get enough!