‘American Idol’ Results Recap: Meet Your Final 5

FOX’s American Idol continues is cycle of predictability Thursday night as it finds its final five finalists, while welcoming back past winners Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery.

Despite the fanfare, the opening medley is tough to watch. The songs are boring and Lazaro Arbos is so clearly outgunned, making it that much more painful to watch him try to compete. His weak vocals especially comes through when his solo section is followed by a Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb duet, two crooners who have been more than amazing throughout the competition.

By the time the group wraps it up with “That’s What Friends Are For,” it looks like the girls are already singing him their sweet goodbyes. Will this be Lazaro’s final night?

Jimmy Iovine weighs in on last night’s performances. He thinks Kree Harrison is doing great but needs to show more personality to capture the crowd. He also thinks Angie Miller was good but not good enough to take top honors. Finally, he says Lazaros should go home after comparing his efforts to an “Ambien milkshake.”

Now that the group is down to six, they will be paired off in order of results. Sneaky Ryan Seacrest won’t reveal which group represents which results until the end. Last week’s Top 3 are immediately split up. Kree is in one group, Lazaro in another and Angie in the third.

Season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery, sings his latest single, “See You Tonight” from the crowd full of country fans.

Candice joins Kree in the winner’s circle and I’m glad to see the country got it right. Angie gets paired up with Janelle Arthur, and it’s clear they are in the safe zone. If things were perfect, she would be in the bottom with Lazaro — but I know that spot is reserved for Amber, who can’t seem to connect with audiences no matter how well she does.

Idol’s first winner, Kelly Clarkson, is back to perform her latest single, “People Like Us.”  The song is one of the few new singles on her Greatest Hits album and it sounds like a hit to me. Even though this competition has turned out some major superstars, no one will ever compare to Kelly. Could we have asked for a better original Idol than her?

But back to this season’s leading ladies and one lone gentleman. As predicted, Lazaro is in the Bottom 2 with Amber — and he knows knows he’s going home as it;s written all over his face. When Ryan breaks the bad news, he offers a sincere smile before singing his last song, “Feelin’ Good.”

It is obvious the judges aren’t even thinking about using their save on the stuttering sweetheart. “Lazaro, we love you,” says Randy Jackson. “You’ve been a treasure to the show but we’re not going to use the save.”

Who do you think should be in the Top 3?

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