Fergie Will Be ‘Supermom’

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She’s a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host, and actress — and Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie can add mommy-to-be to that impressive list of accomplishments.

Now we know what will i.am is talking about when he says she can do it all.

“Fergie’s dope, she’s amazing, she’s a trouper, and she’s going to be a supermom,” he toldCelebuzz at the launch of his EKOCYCLE partnership with Adidas and the NBA at Staples Center in Los Angeles April 7.

And the Grammy Award-winner and philanthropist knows a thing or two about good moms.

The multi-millionaire performer was raised by his mom Debra Cain in the tough Boyle Heights district of L.A. without ever knowing his father William Adams.

And his mother’s teachings on how to overcome prejudices and poverty while instilling self-belief in her son proved to be inspiring.

So when the frontman gave CB! a glowing endorsement of Fergie’s potential as a mom, it’s worth listening to.

“That’s my sister, that’s my heart. Fergie is going to name her baby a beautiful name,” will.i.am said. “Fergie knows exactly how she wants to raise her child and she’s going to be super at it and I’m proud of her.”

Since Fergie announced Feb. 18 that she and hubby, Josh Duhamel, are expecting their first child, everyone in Hollywood has been buzzing with excitement for the power couple.

Both personally and professionally these are good times for the uber-producer and performer. Will.i.am’s hit singles “Scream & Shout” with Britney Spears and “That Power” featuring Justin Bieberhave been topping the charts.

“‘That Power’ is the official song for the playoffs and the championship for this year’s NBA match — [it] is amazing, I’m honored,” he added . “We did it with The P’s in 2003 with ‘Let’s Get It Started’ so ‘That Power’ in 2013 is an honor and there’s great folks on this new record #willpower, the album, I’m really proud of.”

The eco-friendly entrepreneur, who turned life lessons learned in the projects into business opportunities, also spoke about his clothing concept, EKOCYCLE, that features sustainable and recyclable products.

“I came up with the concept originally in 2008, and for me, it’s more than a line, it’s a family. There are a lot of companies that do green products, but a lot of times they get lost in the mix of all the other products they put out,” will.i.am told CB!.

And with his new initiatives that will merge music, commercial and sporting brands he’s hoping that his line will go global in 2013, so everyone, rich and poor, can experience the benefits of an eco life.

So how does will.i.am live green?

“I have solar panels in my house and I drive a Tesla,” he said. “That’s a privileged life and it took a lot of hard work to live the life I live now. But now that I know what I know, you want to bring green things to folks that don’t have those privileges, and you want them to have green things.”

Do you agree with will.i.am? Do you think Fergie will make a great mom? Leave your comments below.

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