Has Amanda Bynes Pulled A Britney Spears?

In a new Twitter rant Amanda Bynes continues to take her aim at anyone who posts unflattering photos and “lies” about the troubled starlet.

Since social media has clearly become her confessional of choice, she wants to tell the world she’s made a new change to her already wild look (complete with cheek piercings, neon clothing and caked on makeup) that will most definitely be making headlines.

Get ready… the 27-year-old’s buxom blonde long locks are a thing of the past — because she shaved it all off!

This new Bynes, who also revealed online that she suffers from an eating disorder and has no relationship with her parents…

Is a far cry from the sweet, girl next door America’s watched grow up before their very eyes on Nickelodeon.

Ever since her DUI arrest just over a year ago, the actress fled to New York City, where her bizarre behavior has been well documented all over the island of Manhattan.

But none of it seems to be bothering Bynes who has also decided to channel Miley Cyrus with her latest tweet.

Do you think Amanda Bynes will look better with a buzz cut? Tell us below. 

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