Inside Chris Brown’s Date With NYC Waitress

When Chris Brown’s name hit the presses yet again two weeks ago for reportedly stepping out on Rihanna with NYC waitress Karizma Ramirez, the rumor mill sped up with breakup headlines.

Now Celebuzz can exclusively reveal that — yes, Brown did meet Ramirez, the two did spend time together, but RiRi can breathe a sigh of relief because … nothing actually happened.

“They only hung out one time and it wasn’t even a date,” source close to Ramirez told Celebuzz.

“Rihanna’s got nothing to worry about. Nothing romantic happened.”

“It was all blown out of proportion. She [Ramirez] works at Finale nightclub in New York and Chris was there and she was serving him,” added the source.

So let’s rewind a bit.

The New York Post originally reported that the “Don’t Judge Me” singer was “hanging out with a beautiful New York waitress… they hit it off [at Finale] and headed out together. They also spent Easter Sunday together.”

But CB! will fill in those all-important gaps.

Now, this part may be a tad hard to believe, but let’s give Breezy the benefit of the doubt.

“He asked for her [Ramirez’s] number and she didn’t give it to him at first,” added the source.

“On his way out [of the club] he said, ‘are you really not going to give me your number?’ She did and he texted her to hang out with him and his friends.”

But the daytime meet-up wasn’t a romantic rendezvous.

“A couple days later they hung out, but there were a bunch of his friends there. They were just chillin’ and watching the basketball game and talking about music.

“She actually didn’t even want to go,” added the source. “She gets sucked into the celebrity status and likes to see what they’re about, but she’s not that kind of girl.”

And despite his controversial ladies man reputation, Brown was – dare we say — a gentleman.

(Flashback: Remember that infamous video where he confesses his love triangle woes between ex Karrueche Tran and and RiRi?)

“She told him, ‘I’m not that kind of girl.’ And Chris said ‘it’s not like that, we’re just hanging out.”

And going public was NOT an option, especially when Brown showed up courtside at the New York Knicks game March 31.

“She knew he was going to the basketball game and told him she wanted to go and he said, ‘I would invite you, but just imagine what they’d say in the papers.’”

See, there’s only one gal he wants to be photographed with… RiRi, who posted a loved-up pic of the twosome looking as happy as ever on April 10, after Brown told the Today show April 1 that “everything’s good” between the young lovebirds.

When Celebuzz reached out to Ramirez, she declined to comment — but made light of the what-could-have-been sticky situation, saying “it’s really not that big of a deal” and “it’s nothing serious.”

Should Rihanna trust Chris Brown? Tell us what you really think below.

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