Rihanna Is Throwing A No-Pants Party

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Rihanna is known for her trendsetting sense of style.

From her ever-changing hair hues, to her bold-and-chunky jewelry, to her urban boyish baggy getups, to her ultra-femme glam gowns, there’s no doubt the Grammy-winning singer continues to define her very own signature chicness.

But there’s one look Rihanna that leaves us scratching our heads: the no-pants look.

Rihanna’s penchant for sans-pants styles runs deeps — she’s been stepping out with all-too-bare stems since she first came on the music scene.

Whether she’s belting out her chart-topping hits on stage, strutting her stuff for a night on the town, or even just snapping Instagram selfies, RiRi often forgoes fancy pants in favor of flaunting her long, lean gams.

To be fair, as those perfect pins are fit for the spotlight. But the style seems more geared at leaving gawking mouths agape than pushing the fashion-forward envelope.

So here’s hoping Rihanna drops the no-pants look from her wardrobe. If not, then fingers crossed she doesn’t commando.

Peek at RiRi’s gams on parade in the gallery above. Then tell us: Do you dig the style or is it too bare to bear? Sound off in the comments section.

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