Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Ruin The Happiest Place On Earth

This is like the time The Situation tried to cut the line at an Apple store to get an iPhone.  Except this time, it’s Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran at Disney World, where celebrities have the privilege of getting away with such bold moves.

In fact, celebs are escorted by a park employee hired to make all the normal folk feel even less magical about the $89 + they spent on a ticket.

I’ve been to Disney World 22 times and I love everything about that place, from mouse ear cookies to the Disney Princess coloring book I bought on my last trip. However, the harsh reality is that celebs get preferential treatment, there and everywhere else.  It’s like the airlines.  Get over it.

Sheeran is supporting Swift on the US leg of her Red tour, and after performing in Orlando, the two friends (or are they) took advantage of WDW’s proximity to their latest stop.

Twitter user Matt Tantillo was standing in line at a particular attraction, and was none-too-pleased to see Swift and Sheeran make their way to the front of the line.

“She cut off the whole f**king line, made my group wait 3 extra times, so that her and her friends could ride 2x while everyone had to wait,” Tantillo told Celebuzz.

Listen, I get it.  Those lines can be a bitch, especially if you don’t get yourself a fast pass.