MTV Movie Awards 2013: Ke$ha Pulls A Ke$ha Again

Sometimes when you’re working and can’t really focus because you’re doing 50 different things at once, it takes a truly shocking occurrence to snap you back into a numbed reality.

Enter Ke$ha.

The 26-year-old showed up to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday looking like a whole lot of things. Basically, she looked like a cross between Chloe Sevigny’s misguided cousin, Stevie Nicks and someone who couldn’t figure out whether to go to Coachella or the Marilyn Manson concert this weekend.

Or just Ke$ha, I guess.

Oddly enough, it didn’t even seem like she was trying to shock anyone this time around. Maybe this is just normal wear for Ke$ha — like her J. Crew or something? Which is actually kind of shocking, if you think about it.

Either way, it was all kind of a letdown, considering she looked really good on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week.

Check out her outfit in the gallery, above, then give your fashion report in the comments.