Child Star Selena Gomez Meets Brad Pitt, Behaves Like a Child

In the last year, Selena Gomez has dumped both Disney and Justin Bieber, making her persona non grata among the growing “teenage girls who are too active on Twitter” community. Appearing on The Ellen Show today to promote, I don’t know, her personal brand or something, the Spring Breakers star and bindi aficionado dished on her breakup with Bieber, as well as meeting Brad Pitt, who starred in Thelma and Louise the year before Gomez was born.

“So I was in my dressing room and I had just finished performing and they knocked on my door and they said, ‘Brad Pitt would like to come in,'” Gomez told Ellen DeGeneres. “I was trying to play cool and be really nice and then as soon as he walked up, I ran and I hid under the craft service table for like 2 minutes because I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Oscar nominee Pitt asks Gomez if he can take a picture with her, probably because his kids are fans of hers and she throws a temper tantrum. Cool.

“Miss Gomez, Maya Angelou would like to congratulate you on your Kids’ Choice Award.” “Not now. It’s time for my nap.”

“Selena, I have Nelson Mandela on the phone.” “Tell him to call back, my cartoons are on.”

“Susan B. Anthony is here to see you, Selena. She brought her original American flag.” “Gross. Make her go away.”

DeGeneres, who is not specifically known for her hard-hitting interviews, sort of addresses the Bieber break-up, but uncomfortable situations make her feel icky, so. Gomez says she is single, but politely declines Ellen’s offer to set her up with “a cousin.”

Additionally, Gomez lists “someone who can make me laugh” and “great to my parents” as her top criteria in a man, just like a 20 year old would.