Which Pop Queen Had The Best Debut Album?

Who released the best debut album: Britney Spears, Beyoncé, or Lady Gaga?

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The debut album is often the most important release of a musician's career. It is an artist's introduction to the world, and its success can guarantee a legion of lifelong fans.

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears all released phenomenally successful debut albums. Each album has been certified multi-platinum and contains at least one #1 single. Not bad for your first time out, ladies. (For simplicity's sake, we'll ignore the fact that Beyoncé had been recording with Destiny's Child for more than seven years by the time she released her first solo album. Ahem.)

Celebuzz wants you to tell us which album you like the most. Cast your vote below. 


We know it might be tough to make a decision, so here is some information about each album that may help you make up your mind:

— Beyoncé's Dangerously In Love was released in 2003 and features the hits "Crazy in Love," "Baby Boy," "Me, Myself, and I," and "Naughty Girl." The album earned Beyoncé five Grammy Awards. It has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide.

— Lady Gaga's The Fame was released in 2008 and features the hits "Just Dance," "Poker Face," "LoveGame," and "Paparazzi." Gaga re-released the album in 2009 and included a new 8-song EP titled The Fame Monster. The re-release features "Bad Romance," "Telephone," and "Alejandro." The combined sales of both editions exceeds 15 million copies worldwide.

— Britney Spears' ... Baby One More Time was released in 1999 and features the hits "... Baby One More Time," "Sometimes," "(You Drive Me) Crazy," and "Born to Make You Happy." It is one of the top 25 best-selling releases of all time with more than 30 million copies sold worldwide.

So, what do you say, Celebuzzers? Who released the best debut album? Feel free to tell us about your choice by leaving a comment.



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  • Garrett Michael Vann
    Garrett Michael Vann

    It definately is britney spears.. I bought that cd atleast 3 times as a kid.. kept losing.it.. replaced it with a cassette A few times aswell.. haha its a classic, beyonce who?

  • Anthony Severa
    Anthony Severa

    oh & might I add Britney is still killing it .. gaga & beyonce cant even touch her .. BRITNEY ARMY!!

  • Anthony Severa
    Anthony Severa

    ugh clearly Britney spears is the debute queen cuz allll albums (besides blackout due to a bogus rule change) have DEBUTED at #1 & gagas album went to #2 so lets be real hear & beyonce y is she even on here shes annoying & has Diana ross syndrome

  • Chelsea Underwood
    Chelsea Underwood

    let's see... 30mil verses 11mil and 15mil...not to mention been in the game for 13+ years, still #1 and is ORIGINAL. GaGa and Beyonce continue to COPY Brit so clearly we know who the real Queen is and always has been (and always will be)

  • Nattan Porfirio
    Nattan Porfirio

    Clearly the princess and eternal britney spears

  • Rosa María Mellado Guerra
    Rosa María Mellado Guerra

    hahahaah britney queen of playbak babe.

  • Ola Olja
    Ola Olja

    ''Which Pop Queen Had The Best Debut Album?'' the question isn't correct! Britney is the only one Pop Queen! and Beyonce isn't even pop singer!

  • Ola Olja
    Ola Olja

    Kerina Williams, 100% agree with your comment.

  • Kerina Williams
    Kerina Williams

    Britney debut following her second release became one of THE MOST phenomenal peaks and moments of any pop star in the world even with Bey and Gaga combined. Those who would say no obviously was born in 5 years later. Britney massively covered not only the music industry, but in movies, tv commercials, signed contracts for huge companies, had a doll line which basically is sold out to this day, a fragrance empire, a Hollywood walk of Fame, youngest and first musician ever to be Forbes Most Powerful, and more.. Britney had the world in her hands in a short amount of time since releasing her debut album. Her peak and success was incomparable.

  • Rosa María Mellado Guerra
    Rosa María Mellado Guerra

    The best one, THE FAME.

  • Francisco Fuentes Figueroa
    Francisco Fuentes Figueroa

    ... Baby One More Time, of course! A classic album. You have to listen it before you die

  • Rosa María Mellado Guerra
    Rosa María Mellado Guerra

    Lady Gaga, FAME! the only with 4 grammy awards.

  • Matt Russoniello
    Matt Russoniello

    A counterpoint, Israel: Selling a ton of albums in 1999 is not the same thing as selling a ton of albums in the mid-late 2000s and 2010s. Piracy, streaming, and the rise of "buy only the songs you like" on iTunes and Amazon have totally changed the way people buy music, and sales of full albums has dropped. So while Britney may have technically sold the most, she has the advantage because, generally, more people bought albums in 1999 than they do now.

  • Eric Wu
    Eric Wu

    +1 Israel Gonzalez ... I completely agree!

  • Israel Gonzalez
    Israel Gonzalez

    Theres no question. Britney obviously. It was 1999. Before itunes amazon and not as many ilegal downloads. Pure physical copies bought is what gave her debut album so much success. She re ignighted the teen pop music world. Gaga started when technology was more advance and everything was easier and beyonce is irrelevant here because she gained fame through destinys child first. Tell me, would beyonce's debut album have that much success if she hadnt been in destinys child? Um nope

  • Rusty JukeBox
    Rusty JukeBox

    Beyonce ... how is this even a debate ?

  • Edith Vrutaal
    Edith Vrutaal