Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

Fun fact: a koala bear is not, technically, a bear. Neither is a stuffed koala because, you know, it’s not alive. Biology, you so strange!

Now that we’ve finished with today’s lesson, let us move on to the results of yesterday’s #CaptionContest. In case you missed the memo, we post a photo for you to caption every weekday on our Facebook page. Then we post the results here. This is what our readers had to say about this photo of Rebel Wilson hosting the MTV Movie Awards:

“He marked his territory by placing.his pubic hairs on my shoulders ” – Di

“Lady Gaga is my b*tch” – Lilena

“This is my koala friend and its name is clamitia” – Mayra

“I’m begging you lady ‘PLEASE DON’T EAT ME”…It looks like you have already eaten my family members…..” – Betty

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new #CaptionContest challenge.