Amanda Bynes Keeps Tweeting Photos Of Herself

Amanda Bynes' Craziest Twitpics
Amanda Bynes really is obsessed with her (questionable) new look. But, hey, to each their own.

In what’s become daily Twitter rantings by the troubled starlet, including Tuesday’s diatribe to Complex Magazine in which she boasts, “I’m obsessed with myself on twitter,” it turns out she’s truly in love.

No, seriously.

Have a look for yourself...

In the last three hours alone on April 17, she’s tweeted three of her favorite looks, exclaiming, “I love this one!”


And she's certainly not shy about pointing out the ones she doesn't love.

"I look fat in that photo you chose, which doesn't help my eating disorder," she wrote April 17.

But we'll leave you with one she clearly believes is her 'I am woman' pose. One word is all that's needed: "Rawr!"

What's your favorite Amanda look? Tell us below.

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  • Wanda D Robinson
    Wanda D Robinson

    she is crying out for help

  • Jon Noj Snyder
    Jon Noj Snyder

    Nice body but her face is a trainwreck. If I were her I'd be cozying up to the ugly people now or she's going to be very lonely later