Disney Plans One New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Every Year Until a Long Time From Now, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Do you like Star Wars? Could you, like Henry Higgins, at least grow accustomed to its face? You’d better because every movie from now on until forever is going to be Star Wars.

At CinemaCon today, Disney announced it plans to release one Star Wars movie every year, starting with its much-anticipated Episode VII, directed by J.J. Abrams, which is set to come out summer 2015. From there, Disney says it will release a standalone movie, likely either the Han Solo origin story or Boba Fett feature Disney already has in the works, in 2016. In 2017, we’ll get another Star Wars sequel, another spinoff in 2018 and so on and so forth. The sun rises, the sun sets, seasons change and each year another Star Wars movie.

It’s a pretty safe bet Disney is making, considering the legions of fans who will go see each and every one. But the question isn’t “does the world want a million more Star Wars movies until the end of time,” it’s “does the word need them.”

Disney, of course, took over the Star Wars franchise and brand name when it purchased Lucasfilm last year.

Are you looking forward to all the new ‘Star Wars’ films?

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