Don’t Worry, Jonas Fans — Joe’s Concert Date Isn’t Trying To ‘Steal’ Him

Pepperdine University student Shaina Kohli may have grabbed Joe Jonas’ attention with her viral video asking him to her school formal, but calm down, ladies — she’s not looking to catch his eye in that way.

Kohli, 21, got the surprise of her life when the Jonas Brother disguised himself in the NYC crowd after making his own cheeky yet charming video (complete with roaring fire, sipping vino and pumping iron) in response to her proposal, which aired on the TODAY show April 11.

“It’s funny, the anchor said we made a good couple and someone else who took our photo said the same thing!” Kohli remembered. “And we just stood there silent looking at each other.

“It’s not my intention to steal Joe,” she added, with a laugh.

“I mean, have you seen his girlfriend?! She’s so gorgeous and I’m so happy for them.”

The 23-year-old Disney boy bander has been linked to such beauties as Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene and Camilla Belle. From the Big Apple to Coachella, Jonas has been most recently spotted alongside Swiss model Blanda Eggenschwiler since October 2012.

But Kohli isn’t a home-wrecker. So keeping things platonic would be just fine with her.

“I’m really hoping that we can become friends,” added Kohli. “He’s such an awesome guy.”

“When I was in high school, I loved the Jonas Brothers and I always had a thing for Joe just because I thought he was cool.

“My friend and I were trying to come up with things to do for [college] senior formal and my friend was supposed to ask Justin Bieber, but she never did. But I did.”

Even though Jonas left her dateless to the party (she actually went with her cousin), he made up for it in spades by inviting her to the trio’s concert that kicks off in July.

“I’m going to be hanging out with them during the day and he would escort me to the concert. He gave me the option of going on stage with them or being in the front row.

“Obviously, I’m choosing on stage!” she gushed.

“I don’t get too star struck, but I’m really excited.”

So excited Kohli is already shopping for the perfect outfit months in advance.

“My cousin’s helping me, but knowing me I’ll change my mind the closer it gets,” said Kohli, who’s already been in touch with Jonas’ team to get the ball rolling on the concert date details.

“It’ll be so much fun.”

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