Jennifer Aniston Had Cupping Marks At The ‘Call Me Crazy’ Premiere

Jennifer Aniston gave the Internet something new to look at on Tuesday when she showed up to the premiere of Lifetime’s Call Me Crazy: A Five Film with cupping marks all over her back.

Cupping is an ancient Asian procedure in which cups are placed onto the skin using heat or suction, all to stimulate circulation. It’s popular among stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.

Well, apparently the procedure leaves marks on the back, and apparently Aniston tried to cover them up with concealer and not an outfit that had, you know, a backing. (She wore a sleeveless double-breasted blazer and short-shorts, instead.)

An unfortunate fashion faux-pas, sure. But before you make fun: Remember that Aniston’s fiance probably looks nothing like yours.

Call Me Crazy, which stars Jennifer Hudson, premieres Saturday at 8 PM / 7 PM.