Paris Jackson Is No 'Belieber'

Kings of Pop for their own generation, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber DO have a ton in common... take a look at CB!'s photo gallery.

Justin Bieber Vs. Michael Jackson
Paris Jackson raised more than a few eyebrows in Hollywood recently when she branded Justin Bieber as "irresponsible."

The famous 15-year-old -- who actually lives near the teen sensation in Calabasas, Calif. -- may not be rushing to borrow a cup of milk anytime soon.

She openly criticized the "Beauty and the Beat" singer, claiming he had smoked marijuana and not being responsible enough when it comes to his fans -- nearly 38 million of whom are on Twitter alone.

''Young girls on Twitter were cutting themselves, self-harming to get his attention to get him to stop,” she told the Mail On Sunday’s Event Magazine.

''But I don't think Justin should do something where he would get caught, so that his young fans aren't influenced.

''Imagine when those little girls are adults and they have kids and they ask, 'Oh mom, where did you get those scars?' How do they respond? When I was 12 my favorite singer smoked marijuana. I think it's very irresponsible of him to do that!''

Bieber, 19, has had a rough few months, culminating in him allegedly spitting on his neighbor on March 26 after he raced his Ferrari around their gated community.

But Paris' late father, Michael Jackson, also had a rollercoaster career with as much scandal as success before his untimely death on June 25, 2009 at 50-years-old.

And if you actually compare the two stars over the years, they have a lot in common: Both made headlines for their sporadic bizarre behavior, dated female celebs, experienced hysterical fan adulation... and even shared a liking for pet monkeys!

So, although Paris may not like to admit it, her iconic father and the 19-year-old pop star are more alike than she thinks.

Click through our gallery to see how Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber are similar.

Do you think Paris is too critical of Bieber? Tell us your comments.

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  • cookie12345

    Okay im just 14 and even I know justin bieber would never be the "new" king of pop like Wow really if ANYONE thinks that justin bieber can be compared to MICHAEL JACKSON then they are stupid for even having that foolish thought. Justin bieber mainly appeals to teenage girls,but michael jackson appealed to many different age groups. You don't see people trying to call Chubby checker the king of rock n roll when clearly it's Elvis Presley so don't think justin bieber -_- is or should be called the king if pop.

  • Brandon Penny
    Brandon Penny

    ...Being King Of Pop is not a generation thing, BUT the status that is earned during decades and for global impact on music and society! In 2000 Michael Jackson was named (has been) as the most famous person on this planet, definitely, he still is and will be among the most famous ever... for ever...! There is no comparison between JB and MJ, the current success means nothing, Michael Jackson is the most successful artist ever, the biggest selling artist and the most awarded artist ever by the Guinness Book. There are/were/have been so many so-called Kings Of pop... from Bobby Brown, Usher, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake... to Justin Bieber..., NONE of them has ever reached anything comparable to Michael Jackson - as for music legacy or contribution, thats the fact, and after 40+ years of career MJ has the largest fan base (of all generations, not only teens) in the world.

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    Paris made some valid points about Bieber but Michael Jackson wasn't perfect in many ways either.