President Obama Says He Has Better Things To Do Than Plan Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Vacation

Unless your name is Michelle Obama or, depending on the day, Joe Biden, you probably shouldn’t assume that you’re close personal friends with the President.

Beyonce and Jay-Z had to learn that the hard way on Wednesday when Barack Obama finally commented on their now-controversial trip to Cuba.

He told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie:

“I wasn’t familiar that they were taking the trip. My understanding is I think they went through a group that organizes these educational trips down to Cuba. You know, this is not something the White House was involved with.”

And then he closed with: “We’ve got better things to do.”

In other words: Nice try, kids.

Obama got dragged into this mess after Jay-Z released a song called “Open Letter,” in which he basically implied the President gave them the OK to visit Cuba.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney later commented on the issue with a similar “Yeah, no” reaction.