Today Would Be A Good Day to Nap Away The Outside World, Like Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton, who lives in a remote part of Scotland and once did not speak for five years, does not exactly seem like the type of person who wants to “hang out.” However, that’s exactly what she’s been doing at the Museum of Modern Art since last month: hanging out, or, more specifically, napping.

The concept behind the Academy Award-winning actress’ performance art piece “The Maybe” is radically simple. Swinton sleeps on a white mattress inside a glass box for the duration of the MoMA’s operating hours. The only things with her in the box are her glasses and a caraffe of water. Those who come to see her wonder aloud about her well-being: “Is she on something?” and “Where does she go to the bathroom?” Swinton has previously napped in London, Paris and Rome making her the most worldly of slumberers.

She’ll be back in her box about a half dozen times throughout the year, though the days she’ll be at the museum aren’t announced in advance and even museum staff isn’t notified until the day of the nap.

Hypnotize yourself watching Tilda Swinton nap, over and over.