TV Lovers: Unite!

My list of life priorities is pretty much as follows:

1) Watch a lot of TV

2) I guess I should do some work?

3) Remember to drink water so I don’t die

4) What’s on TV?

5) Feed the cat

Oftentimes, however, I forget steps two, three, and five. I just don’t have the time or energy for anything else. OK, that’s not true. I do sometimes go see a movie. (The Place Beyond the Pines is pretty good, and you should see it.)

But enough about me. What did you guys tune into this week? And what did you think? C’mon, I’m bored. Let’s talk TV.

We asked our Twitter followers which shows they watched — and loved — this week. This is what they said:



Of course, you guys are still commenting on our TV recap posts. For example, you had something to say on this Real Housewives of Atlanta recap:

Is it just me or did it seem like Kim and NeNe made up before the reunion? Plus, why was Kenya talking during this episode? She needs to find her place and stay there until Andy sends for her. Great recap as always, JB! – Mark

And several of you had something to say about this week’s The Voice:

Forget the contestants… bring back Katrina Parker!!! – Ryan

Hot Damn! Adam Levine’s come hither stare scares me. ;) – Aimee

Ok, you are now officially one of my favorite Voice bloggers. So on-point! I feel the same way about under age girls wearing clothes that make them look older – it is uncomfortable. The new coaches are so good this year, but I will always be Team Adam….for his “sexy come hither stares.” LOL – dm1111

Your blog is so smart & so funny! Agree that anyone paired with Judith, Ryan, Sasha or Savanah – good luck! Also love Michelle. And yeah, what is going on with Blake’s hair? Ha! – Amy

I would share more of your lovely comments, but I have other things to do. I still haven’t seen the new episode of Veep!

I would like to close this article with a very, very important poll that you should all vote in:

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