Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are...

We share some of the best reader captions submitted for this photo of Kelly Clarkson.

Here are the facts: this is a photo of Kelly Clarkson. She is on the set of a music video. The dots all over her face have something to do with said music video, but we don't know what exactly.

Our ignorance, however, makes for a great #CaptionContest. Many of you submitted captions on our Facebook page, and here are but a few of our favorites:

"Mole money, mole problems" - Travis

"He can't read my pa-pa-pa-poka-dotted face!" - Kelli Hartsock

"My Dr. says it's skittles-pocks" - Melissa

""I shouldn't have been standing in front of the fan when **it hit it!" - Mari

"'Catching my breath, letting it go .. Black dots on my cheek for the sake of the show'" - Chloe

"I spotted Kelly clarkson!!!" - Karen

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new #CaptionContest challenge.



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