Finch Should Have Stuck With Stifler’s Mom

Eddie Kaye Thomas’ on-screen tryst is one of the more — er, only — memorable American Pie scenes (“Oh, Stifler’s mom!”). But his recent real-life one-night stand is not one he will want to remember.

The actor — who seemingly slipped into oblivion after playing Paul Finch, who seduces the very Mrs. Robinson-like mother of pal Steve Stifler in the film about four friends who make a pact to lose their virginity before graduation — is again on a blip on the radar after he called the police when a hookup went way awry.

A Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team responded to Thomas’ home in Hollywood Hills, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon after a woman wielded a knife and barricaded herself inside the residence, authorities said according to the Los Angeles Times.

Thomas, 32, had asked his as-of-yet unidentified house guest to bid adieu after spending the night with him. But it seems the woman — who he reportedly met at Mel’s Diner less than 24 hours before — wasn’t ready to say goodbye, as she pulled a knife and refused to leave the residence. The woman has also been accused of destroying property — including a phone and a guitar — at Thomas’ Hargrave Drive home.

After arriving around 1 p.m., the SWAT team stayed on the scene throughout the afternoon in a standoff with the woman, who they urged to surrender. But in the end, according to TMZ, authorities resorted to tear gas to smoke her out of the residence. The woman was taken into police custody, checked out at a hospital, and eventually booked for felony vandalism.

Now, let’s all be more wary of the morning after.

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