Glee’s Jane Lynch Addresses Mixed Reactions To ‘Shooting Star’ Episode

Last week’s episode of the FOX hit show Glee “Shooting Star” took a turn for the unexpected as it aired its own version of a terrifying school shooting.

The sensitive topic had beloved character Becky, a special needs student, bring a loaded gun to school and accidentally starts firing.

But was this ripped-from-the-headlines subject matter too much too soon to show on the popular scripted series?

It’s been only four months since the Sandy Hook shooting, and memories of the horrific elementary school incident are still fresh in the minds of the people of Newton, Conn., as one parent stated.

“It’s too soon as our kids and our wounds are still too new. I understand keeping it in the minds of the Nation but dammit, at least let the people of Newtown know beforehand. I found out because an old friend who blogs about the show gave me a heads up,” Andrew Paley, father of twin boys who survived the horrific shooting commented on Facebook.

While many parents were fired-up about the extreme episode, Anthony Lusardi whose girlfriend Lauren Rousseau was killed in the massacre wrote, “As long as it keeps the subject in the public’s mind I’m all for it. My Lauren was a huge fan of the show. So I’m sure she would have approved.”

Jane Lynch told Celebuzz she felt “really bad” when she heard the responses about the landmark episode.

“When I heard about how people were responding to it, especially the Sandy Hook people, I felt really bad. I don’t want to add to anybody’s pain and I know [show creator] Ryan [Murphy] doesn’t either,” she told Celebuzz while promoting a healthy breakfast start to the day with belVita at The Grove April 15 in L.A.

“I was not expecting it. I was not expecting such a big reaction and I totally get it. I totally get it, I get it.”

So what’s in store for Sue since she got let go?

“I’m fired, teaching aerobics elsewhere and I have a new lease on life.”

To find out more on Lynch’s response to the show’s recent theme and her new “23-hour” job, click on the CB! video above.

What do you think — Was “Shooting Star” too much too soon? Tell us your thoughts on the episode.

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