The Couple That Wears Denim Together…

I won’t ask why smitten-kitten couple Nate Berkus, 41, and Jeremiah Brent are wearing matching denim ensembles.

Ok, I will ask.

Did you guys plan this?  Was there a “Denim In The City” theme discussed prior to his impromptu photo op?

Brent and Berkus, who are both interior designers, got engaged earlier this month in Peru.

“I’ve known since our first date that Jeremiah was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” Berkus told People Magazine (via Just Jared).  “As we’ve shared the news of our engagement and been met with so much excitement and support we’re both reminded of how important it is that every person have the legal right to marry the one they love.”

This reminds me of another glorious couple’s engagement photo.

And let’s not forget Britney and Justin