THIS Is Why The Biebs’ Swag Is Too Much For The Middle East

As all Beliebers know, Justin Bieber exudes a certain level of cool.

But is Biebs’ swag too cool for Oman?  The pop superstar reportedly had to cancel his upcoming gig because he is just a bit too sexy.

We’ve all seen the superfluous shots of Bieber; enough crotch-grabbing, hip-thrusting, chest-baring, and saggy pants-wearing to last a lifetime.

Selena Gomez’s ex announced this week that he was canceling the concert next month — ever since his leather-clad, skin-baring provocative moments have reportedly rubbed Muslim officials the wrong way — and aren’t considered appropriate in the Islamic country.

However, Alive Entertainment posted a press release announcing the concert “will no longer take place due to overwhelming regional demand,” with a second show in Dubai scheduled to take place instead on May 5.

But, no worries! Beliebers in the Middle East can get a full refund or swap out their tickets. Phew!

So in honor of the J-Biebs’ obvious sex appeal, CB! has gathered his swaggiest moments that — despite his nearly 40 milllion Twitter followers who clearly believe — may have not made leaders in Oman true Beliebers.

Oh, and we can’t forget his latest controversial cartoon visual via Instagram depicting the shirtless singer in bed with a naked female Belieber.

What do you think — is Biebs just too darn sexy? Let us know below.

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