Tilda Swinton Is Now Putting Centipedes On Her Face

When she isn’t napping, she’s vogueing — or, in this case, W-ing.

Tilda Swinton has long been a favorite of avant-garde designers and photographers alike due to her propensity for looking like a fashionable psychopath, in the best way. She does not disappoint in her cover-shoot for May’s W magazine.

The 52-year-old actress is photographed at Las Pozas, a surreal state high in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of Mexico.

For fans of the always-interesting Swinton the photos will not disappoint and neither will the accompanying article.

“Being beautiful was never really something I associated with people I knew — certainly not girls,” she tells the magazine. “Boys, maybe. Horses, yes, and certainly my great-grandmother Elsie Swinton, whose imperial grandeur was like a watermark.”

She also said of the photograph in which she posed with real centipedes on her face: “Though they may look as if they were mechanically placed, we waited hours for these centipedes to crawl into their meaningful positions, decking me out with eyebrows and mustaches. ‘Ceci n’est pas une moustache,’ as [Belgian artist René] Magritte might have put it.”

Tilda, do you, you beautiful, evil angel.