Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are...

Here are the funniest captions you submitted for this photo of Amanda Bynes.

The biggest thing in entertainment right now is not Beyoncé's new tour, nor is it Justin Bieber's ongoing public meltdown. It's The Amanda Bynes Saga. Oh, Amanda, I love you. I look for you on every New York street corner, and it breaks my heart that I have never run into you. Your Twitter feed brings me more joy than I can express. This is why you were chosen for yesterday's #CaptionContest.

Each weekday, we post a photo to our Facebook page and ask you to submit a caption. Then we post some of our favorites here on Celebuzz. This is what you had to say about Amanda "The Queen of Everything I Love and Hold Dear in This World" Bynes:

"I was going for that Courtney Love look. Did I nail it?"" - Diamond

"Look....I got engaged to the homeless guy on 54th." - Billy

"What do you mean I need a car to drive on the street?!" - Gricell

"No thanks she will be suing me next" - Renea

"Has anyone seen Mary-kate and Ashley ?" - Lisa

"And my Lady Gaga impersonation!" - Jay Jay

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new #CaptionContest challenge.



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