You’re So Bad At Scaring People, Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, she-with-golden-hair and a body that doth not age appears on today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in all her sinewy Californian glory.

Aniston did her best to turn the tables on the talk show host, who is famous for scaring the bejesus out of her guests.

“It was as if you were running from a spider…” DeGeneres recounted, before showing the audience just how terrible Aniston was at trying to surprise her.

“Towards you…That was really bad,” Aniston said.

Ok.  At least we all agree it was a poorly-executed trick.

“Have you not ever scared anyone before?” DeGeneres asked.  “Don’t you like to scare?  Don’t you hide when Justin [Theroux] comes home?”

“No, he does that to me,” Aniston admitted.  “He calls it trickery.  But he’s constantly hiding behind drapes. And I’m constantly scared. It’s like it doesn’t get old on me…”

And then there was that pesky Friends reunion rumor

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