20 Reasons To Love James Franco

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Sure, he kind of bombed at the 2011 Oscars and dabbled in quite a few off-the-wall projects, but James Franco still one of the industry’s most easy-to-love stars. (Well, except if you’re his neighbor.)

The actor — who turns 35 Friday — is pretty relatable in the scheme of things. Whether he’s goofing off on set or falling asleep in class, there’s no denying that a part of you that doesn’t want to hang out with the Hollywood hunk.

But for those naysayers out there, here are 20 reasons why you should become a Franco yaysyaer.

1. First of all, he’s a huge geek.

2. He has his priorities sorted out.

3. And really big dreams.

4. He, too, has his unphotogenic moments.

5. He’s a troll when it comes to romantic moments. Take that, old cliches!

6. Seriously, don’t even try it on him. It won’t work.

7. He’s super handsome.

8. I mean, just look at him pull off the Canadian tuxedo.

9. Or a pair of embarrassing PJs.

10. And, of course, he looks pretty darn good without anything on too.

11. His appreciation for food rivals Paula Deen’s love for butter.

12. Like, seriously.

13. The man has good taste.

14. And he’ll eat his feelings out.

15. He’s quite charming.

16. In fact, he can almost charm your pants off.

17. He’s got the smooth moves down.

18. And the ladies love that.

19. He’s just an overall cool guy.

20. You stay awesome, James.