Boston Police Will Be Treated to Advance Screening of Sandra Bullock’s ‘The Heat’

Boston police officers and FBI agents will get an advance screening of the upcoming Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy buddy cop comedy The Heat. The movie, which doesn’t hit theaters until June 28, was shot and is set in Boston.

The movie stars Bullock as an uptight FBI agent who is paired and clashes with a less-than-conventional police officer played by McCarthy.

Boston’s actual police officers, who could certainly use a good laugh, will get an advance screening of the movie. Officers in Boston have worked non-stop since Monday when two bombs set off at the Boston Marathon killed three people. The subsequent manhunt for the two suspects, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is still underway, though Tamerlan was shot and killed  early Friday morning.

“It’s been an amazing tightknit community before this happened, and it just bonded a community even more,” Bullock told CNN last night at CinemaCon. “I don’t think a screening would ever be enough, feel like it’s enough, to do for them.”

Bullock’s co-star McCarthy echoed the sentiment: “It’s a remarkable place, an amazing city that’s obviously going through a really tough situation. I have a sweet spot for it now.”

A spokeswoman for 20th Century Fox said the screening was “just a special screening in the town where it was shot,” denying that it was “pegged to a charity or recent events.” However, in light of Monday’s bombing, the special screening feels like an even kinder gesture to the men and women who have been working around the clock to keep Bostonians safe.