Celebrities Petition California to Give Kelly Rutherford Custody of Her Children

Since their divorce in 2010, Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch have been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their two children. Last year, a California judge made the controversial ruling that the children would live in France with Giersch, who is banned from entering the United States after his visa was revoked for fraud.

Now, thousands of people — some famous — are voicing their support for Rutherford, who has been fighting to bring her children, who were both born in America, back. A friend of Rutherford’s, Caroline Fina, launched a petition on change.org asking California Gov. Jerry Brown to bring two children, 6 and 3, back home. Fina’s children used to attend school with Rutherford’s and they used to have play dates together.

“This petition is about bringing Kelly’s beautiful children back home to the life they know, in the only country they’ve ever known,” the petition states. “There is no good reason for Kelly’s boy and girl to be forced to live across the Atlantic.”

Among those who’ve signed already are Lisa Rinna, Real Housewife Jill Zarin, hockey player Sean Avery, singer Estelle and Rutherford herself.

Speaking to Page Six, Rutherford says, “it’s a touching thing to do from mother to mother. We would wait for our kids together and have play dates together. So she saw [the drama] firsthand.”

“A lot of mothers were really shocked by this,” Rutherford continued. “I think it would make any mom think, ‘If it can happen to her, then it can happen to me.'”

Rutherford also tells Page Six she has flown to France 40 times to see her children since they were sent there last August. The kids will remain overseas until September at least, that’s when a judge is set to make a permanent ruling in the case.