Here Are But A Few Of Our Favorite Reader Comments

This week in celebrity news: Amanda Bynes remains amazing , Paris Jackson disses Justin Bieber, and Kourtney Kardashian turns 34.

This week in Celebuzz reader comments: general awesomeness, as per usual.

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So what did you guys have to say this week?

Some things about Amanda Bynes, OBVIOUSLY:

So there is this secret, uncharted planet that no one knows about except for Amanda Bynes. On that planet is where this tweet, and all other posted by her, make sense. – Joel

I think this is great ! She is standing up for herself and being honest in doing so! – 11thhour

Some sage advice for Eddie Kaye Thomas:

He needs to date more stable ladies … – Cliff

Paris Jackson shared some words about Justin Bieber, and you shared some words about Paris Jackson:

…Being King Of Pop is not a generation thing, BUT the status that is earned during decades and for global impact on music and society! In 2000 Michael Jackson was named (has been) as the most famous person on this planet, definitely, he still is and will be among the most famous ever… for ever…! There is no comparison between JB and MJ, the current success means nothing, Michael Jackson is the most successful artist ever, the biggest selling artist and the most awarded artist ever by the Guinness Book. There are/were/have been so many so-called Kings Of pop… from Bobby Brown, Usher, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake… to Justin Bieber…, NONE of them has ever reached anything comparable to Michael Jackson – as for music legacy or contribution, thats the fact, and after 40+ years of career MJ has the largest fan base (of all generations, not only teens) in the world. – Brandon

Paris made some valid points about Bieber but Michael Jackson wasn’t perfect in many ways either. – Cliff

Not everyone is happy that Bradley Cooper has a new girlfriend:

Nooooo. She can’t even have a drink at dinner with you Bradley (in the US at least). Pick me, instead! – Amanda

We asked you which Pop Queen had the best debut album, and you responded thoughtfully:

Theres no question. Britney obviously. It was 1999. Before itunes amazon and not as many ilegal downloads. Pure physical copies bought is what gave her debut album so much success. She re ignighted the teen pop music world. Gaga started when technology was more advance and everything was easier and beyonce is irrelevant here because she gained fame through destinys child first. Tell me, would beyonce’s debut album have that much success if she hadnt been in destinys child? Um nope – Israel

Beyonce … how is this even a debate ? – Rusty JukeBox

We learned that we have a few Bates Motel fans among our readers:

Bates Motel is absolutely fantastic! The show is creepy, scary and suspenseful. It’s spirit and essence are so eerily close to the original film that it’s almost unbelievable. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore, in my opinion, are shoe-ins for award show noms. – Joel

I also think Bates Motel is fantastic! Not only do I enjoy it, but the boyfriend does as well! He is extremely hard to please with TV shows, so I think that alone is a compliment to the show. I have never viewed anything quite like it on TV. It is great to see other stations beside AMC and HBO stepping outside of the regular same old types of TV shows. – 11thhour

How about that new Macklemore video?

Macklemore rocks! Northwest represent! – hotwasabi21

Yeah, I didn’t “get” the look, either:

Why is everyone wearing black to a wedding in the spring? – hotwasabi21

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