Hi-Ho Silver! Armie And Johnny Are Back In Action

Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer are about to get into some EXPLOSIVE new situations.

In the latest clip we see the masked vigilante (Hammer) taking his famous white stallion for a very high train ride through a narrow tunnel.

And CB! has the newest clip that showcases the nail-biting sequence for the new blockbuster.

The latest trailer, starring Depp as Tonto, explains the murder that propelled the hero into his life as an outlaw.

Reid (Hammer) returns from the city to start a new life in the West where he becomes a Texas Ranger. But when seven of his division are shot by a band of outlaws he has to be nursed back to health by Tonto.

The pair then track down the man that killed Reid’s brother, The Captain, to a seedy bar run by Helena Bonham Carter’s character — a hunt that leads them to a corrupt band of treasure hunters who are monopolizing the railroad and cavalry industries.

“If these men represent the law, I’d rather be an outlaw,” declares the Lone Ranger.

The new clip ends in explosive fashion with the Lone Ranger riding his white horse through — and over — a train before the pair blow up a bridge.

The Lone Ranger opens across America on July 3.

Are you looking forward to seeing Arnie Hammer and Johnny Depp in action again? Leave your comments below.

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