Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

Stars: they’re just like us! They smoke cigarettes! They take out the trash! They are, in every way, exactly like you and me, except for the ways in which they have obscene amounts of money and popularity and did I mention money???

Man, it just feels so good to relate to someone like Kristen Stewart, ya know? This picture is me. It is you. It is all of us. It is yesterday’s Facebook #CaptionContest. These are the winning captions:

“Damn Rob is kicking me out again” – Derrick

“they will never recognize me putting garbage in their truck” – Linda

“This bag is a metaphor for my career. I will now put it in the trash, where it belongs.” – Lexy

“Now that twilights over,garbage man sounds like a good job” – Samantha

“Guess I missed the garbage truck AGAIN….. Dammit” – Crystal

“I not only drive a beat up truck in my movies but also in my real life…” – Heidi

“Laundry Day B!tches!” – Cindy

“She looks like the female version of her own boyfriend.” – Ana

“How does Kristen Stewart exercise her most famous feature? Turns out, holding a cigarette in your mouth uses the same muscles as scowling!” – Hannah

“U don’t have to say nothing Rob…..I’M TAKING THE REST OF SH*T AND I’M LEAVING……” – Angelique

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