James Franco Wrote About Himself On His Birthday

James Franco turned the big 3-5 on Friday. While Celebuzz presented everyone with 20 reasons to love the guy, the birthday boy penned a little something in honor of his big day over at The Huffington Post.

Here’s “Thirty-Five”:

It's my 35th birthday, not that anyone should care. I'll spend the day acting in a film with my friend Jonah Hill (I play a sociopathic murderer). I remember learning about sociopaths in my high school sociology class taught by the great Mr. Roland. He could do more pull-ups than any student; he'd challenge them to contests on the head frame of his door. He also took us on a field trip to a working prison; pretty amazing. I remember a man's face cropped by the small window in his door staring at us intently, shaking slightly as he was masturbating.

If I look back that far, I can see that I have actually grown; I still wouldn't be able to beat Mr. Roland at pull ups, but I have a profession now -- albeit an odd one, I get paid to pretend to be a person like those people with no empathy for others, or at least in this film I do. It's nice to know that if you're open, life does change and get better.

Here's a poem I wrote on my 31st birthday. I have done a few things in the past four years, but this poem still captures how I feel on my birthday.

Head over to The Huffington Post for the poem.


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