These Stars Are All About The Mary Jane

Today is the day that marijuana aficionados wait for each year — 4/20, a.k.a National Pot Smoking Day.

It’s become an counterculture holiday that people across the world celebrate with the conspicuous consumption of cannabis. And as the tide continues to change on the legality of marijuana in America, more and more celebrities seem to be lighting up.

It may have started off less mainstream, as comedians Cheech & Chong, country legend Willie Nelson and even rapper Snoop Dogg publicly puffed the magic dragon.

But as stigma surrounding the five-leafed flora slowly goes up in smoke, many others have been caught going ganja: Justin Bieber cheekily apologized on SNL after puffing on a blunt at a party; most-decorated Olympian Michael Phelps said sorry after photos surfaced of him ripping a bong; and everyone from Chace Crawford, to Aaron Carter, to Macaulay Culkin, to Frank Ocean have been cited for pot possession.

Other stars openly embrace getting stoned: Justin Timberlake told Playboy he lights up to “stop thinking;” Lady Gaga told 60 Minutes she “smoke[s] a lot of pot when [to] write music;” and Kristin Stewart told Vanity Fair her high habit is no “big deal.”

So as pothead across the globe puff pot this April 20, we’re celebrating by taking a look at the celebrities who will bring high times to Hollywood this holiday.

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