‘The Biebs’ Causes His Swedish Fans To Come Down With ‘Bieber Fever’

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Justin Bieber sure knows how to make the girls go crazy.

And he’s such a babe magnet that his fans will go to any lengths to get close to the Canadian crooner — even if that means scaling walls and working themselves into such a tizzy that they need medical attention.

Now that’s a serious case of “Bieber Fever.”

Well, that’s exactly what happened outside the 19-year-old superstar’s hotel in Stockholm, Sweden where he performed during the European leg of his Believe tour Monday, according to Swedish publication The Local.

Swedish Beliebers came out in droves, swarming the Grand Hotel chanting the heartthrob’s name and singing his songs in the hopes of getting his attention.

And get this! Some of the 300-strong crowd even tried to climb the walls to catch a glimpse of J-Biebs!

The Local reports that two Beliebers were even treated for exhaustion after getting hysterical over seeing their idol.

“The two girls were hysterical and dizzy, they were feeling nauseous,” press officer Towe Hägg from the Stockholm police department told TT news agency.

Crowds of screaming teens aside, Bieber has had an eventful European adventure, from reports that he and his ex, Selena Gomez, have rekindled their romance (and that she even joined him on tour) to his now infamous guestbook comment after he visited the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam when he suggested that Holocaust victim Anne Frank “would have been a belieber.”

Have you ever gotten that hysterical for your favorite teen idol? Tell us about it below.


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