The Films of Eli Roth

With more scares-per-hour than almost any producer-director working today, Eli Roth has placed himself among the greats of Hollywood horror.

From genre-defining turns as director of Hostel and Cabin Fever, to producer credits on films that have scared millions, Roth has helped make horror cool again.

In today’s terrifying gallery, we look at the goriest and goofiest from Roth and his band of horror lovers – including an unforgettable acting role in one of his film hero’s biggest movies.

Roth’s presence as Executive Producer is just one more reason why people are excited about Hemlock Grove – the new original show available for streaming on Netflix.

Hemlock Grove tells the deliciously creepy tale of a town where everyone has a secret – and the search for a young girl’s killer exposes frightful supernatural surprises around every corner.   And with Eli Roth behind the scenes, you know that it will be filled with shocking scares.

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