10 Sexy Photos To Celebrate The Wonder That Is Ryan Lochte

When Ryan Lochte walked the red carpet at last night's E! Up Fronts in Manhattan, I was secretly hoping he'd do it in a speedo.

I know.  I know.

But seriously, this was the same guy whose fame literally rose from an Olympic-sized pool.  He is an athlete.  His body is ridiculous.  Whatever comes out of his mouth, most of us ignore because - as much as we hate to admit it - we wouldn't kick Lochte out of bed.

Back in August, Jezebel published a genius article on why Lochte's douchebaggery was totally acceptable.  Last night,they cited that article after watching the Olympian's new reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

The takeaway: Lochte doesn't know what the word "douche bag" actually means, which poses a problem for the very man who embodies all the qualities that make one a d-bag.

"Like what is it? What's the definition of it?" He asked no one in particular.

Just keep dreaming up ideas for sneakers, you adorable piece of meat.



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  • papi

    Lochte is a douche. I hope E cancels his stupid show quickly. Lochte is classless and clueless. He may be "prettier" than Phelps, but Phelps has class, humility and more Olympic gold. Phelps also has a bigger package. Lochte is just a big dick.

  • Kelly Lynch
    Kelly Lynch

    You'd so hit it, ladies. Come on.