Gus Van Sant Apparently Shot A ’50 Shades’ Sex Scene Starring Alex Pettyfer

Gus Van Sant, the man behind such critically acclaimed films as My Own Private Idaho and Milk, is looking to direct 50 Shades of Grey next.

So claim sources for The Wrap, anyway, who on Tuesday revealed that the 60-year-old director went ahead and shot a scene from the novel starring Magic Mike actor Alex Pettyfer.

The scene, which was shot as an audition of sorts, depicts a pivotal moment from the book, in which protagonist Anastasia Steele loses her virginity to Christian Grey. Pettyfer, obviously, played the role of Grey; the actress who played Steele remains unknown. (Wouldn’t it be neat if it was Alison Pill?)

Whatever comes out of this, if anything, remains a mystery; the film, based on the kinky EL James trilogy my mother read and subsequently described to me last year, is still a ways away from going into actual production.

Still, it’s an interesting turn of events, and may give a little hope to those looking for someone to turn a mainstream novel into something a little more artistic.

But then again, we all said that about Bill Condon directing Breaking Dawn, and, well, yeah.