Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

I’ve never been to Coachella, but this photo of Paris Hilton at the mega-popular music festival over the weekend is the perfect example of my impression of what it must be like to attend. Like, it’s not even really about the music as much as it’s about “being seen” as you wander, probably stoned, between stages. Sounds fun though; see you there next year!

Oh, I was supposed to be talking about how we are going to post the winners of yesterday’s Facebook #CaptionContest. Whoops. This was fun though; see you next year!

Seriously, here are the winners:

“”Dude… It’s 420. That’s hot.” – Kimmy

“That guys like, ‘i swear i know her ? Didnt she used to be famous ?'” – Lisa

“I wore these clothes to distract you from my big feet….” – Emma

“I hope her purse holds a Tide to go stick, because I think somebody threw up on her dress.” – Aubrey

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