‘Dancing With The Stars’ Recap: Who Got Knocked Out This Week?

ABC’s Dancing With The Stars sent another celebrity packing Tuesday night when it made its sixth cut of the season as will.i.am. and Olly Murs took the stage for two show-stopping performances.

After last night’s Stevie Wonder themed evening, it was clear the female contenders — Zendaya, Aly Raisman and Kellie Pickler — would be in the clear. All of them gave standout performances last night and earned rave reviews from the judges.

As for the male celebrity contenders though, the choice wasn’t so clear cut. Andy Dick wowed the crowd with his charisma but his footwork was undeniably sloppy. Since he has been skating by with less than stellar steps for weeks, his time may be up tonight.

The same could be said with Victor Ortiz, who seemed to find himself in the bottom more often than not. The boxer made improvements each week, but flubbed on new elements as well. He also doesn’t have a cute kid to bind him to viewers’ hearts and he isn’t stand out enough to make it on personality alone. He tied with Andy for last night’s low score of 18, so I’m guessing he’ll be in trouble again tonight.

After Olly Murs performs his hit “Troublemaker,” the first of the obvious frontrunners were sent to the safe zone. Kellie and Aly were the first ones to stand in the winner’s circle.

I’m not sure why Team Paso was performing again since they lost the group round last night. But, at least we got to see their shirtless, caped crusader-themed dance one more time — though that was two too many for me. Onto more results!

Another predictable call was made when Zendaya and her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, were told they were safe. Sean Lowe wasn’t so lucky though as he and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, were the first pair to land on the bottom.

As expected, Victor Ortiz was back on the chopping block with his partner, Lindsay Arnold.  Guess their chemistry couldn’t take them as far as they had hoped. Ingo Rademacher was the next celebrity to learn he’s sticking around — much to the delight of his cute kid, Peanut, and his pretty partner, Kym Johnson.

Once Jacoby Jones was sent to the safe zone, I was suddenly panic-stricken again. The comedian seemed to be sweating too until he learned he’s heading to Latin week rehearsals tomorrow. America kept him in the game. Phew!

When the hosts announced that Sean was staying put, his sigh of relief was almost disrespectful to the boxing champ heading home. Victor had his last spin on the ballroom and is now getting back to boxing.

“I had a blast. I made great friends, including you guys, you beautiful people,” he graciously stated before exiting. “So at the end of the day it was a heck of an experience and hopefully, these beautiful people will follow me to my next championship bout.” Sweet.