Justin Timberlake Gushes That Jessica Biel Is His ‘One Really Good Decision’

Justin Timberlake’s life has been made up of many greats choices: from his Mickey Mouse Club start and his ‘N Sync boy band stage, to his solo “SexyBack” swagger, his Social Network stint and, of course, his “Suit & Tie” comeback.

But for the multihyphenate singer-actor-producer-entrepreneur, there is one that stands out from all the rest: saying “I do” to his longtime love Jessica Biel in Southern Italy last October. In a recent sitdown with Ellen DeGeneres, Timberlake gushes about the woman he now calls his wife.

Last time she (Biel) was here I asking her what she loves about being married,” DeGeneres tells Timberlake in an interview airing on Ellen Thursday. “She said her favorite thing about being married is being able to say, ‘my husband.’ That’s what she loves.”

“That’s it?” Timberlake jokes, laughing as he adds, “I’m just kidding.”

“What’s you’re favorite thing about Jess?” DeGeneres asks. “What’s your favorite thing about being married?”

“Calling her my husband,” he joked. “No. I don’t know. Every once in a while I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn’t see me looking and I have this moment where I’m like if you never make a good decision, if you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life, You made one really good decision. Because she’s just like…it’s nice marry your friend. It’s nice to marry your best friend. It suits me.”

“Yes, it does,” DeGeneres agrees. “It does suit you. I’m very happy for you.” Which is why the host takes the opportunity to bestow Timberlake with a wedding gift: a huge framed photo of Timberlake and DeGeneres gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes (see below).

“You and I have known each other a long time,” she says. “I wanted you to have something very special for your wedding.”

“We don’t have anything over the bed yet,” Timberlake says with a smile, “So there ya go.”