‘The Voice’ Alum Katrina Parker Recaps This Week’s Showdown

Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling StoneKatrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with us.

It feels like The Voice battles were over before they even began this season, but I’ve enjoyed them regardless. Now there’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s knit a sweater and talk about some of this week’s highlights.

Most Entertaining Coach. After Craig Perkins lost his battle to Kris Thomas, Usher made him sweat awhile. He waited until poor Craig talked and talked and hugged Adam Levine before jumping in to make a Steal. It was a little cruel but a LOT entertaining. While I don’t always agree with his choices, there is no doubt that Usher is damn good TV.  Even without last week’s wacky role plays and epic stare downs, that 11th hour Steal wins him “Most Entertaining” for the second week in a row.

If This Hair Could Talk. I loved loved loved Monique Abbadie’s candy apple red hair and the pinup do she sported during her battle with the surprising Luke Edgemon. It was the perfect complement to her 50’s/Jetsons style dress and only enhanced her ability to channel “the perfect amount of Tabasco” for  Shakira, helping her win the battle and move on to Knockouts.

Not Of This Earth. The voice of Sarah Simmons is from another planet. The aliens sent it down to us (much like they sent down Superman), and now we get to enjoy it here on Earth. I liked her blind audition, but her battle performance of “Wanted You more” was a revelation. Her voice is incredible –flexible and ethereal, gritty in the most unexpected places. God help the person who competes against her next.

Saddest Backstory. It was heartbreaking to hear that Vedo’s mom passed away after his blind audition. Despite the dramatic background music telling me to be sad, I was genuinely sad about this. Vedo was a champ though and performed admirably, winning his battle and making his momma proud.

Kids! They grow up so fast. When Blake Shelton chose “Little White Church” for Jacqui Sandell and Savannah Berry, I was puzzled. Jacqui’s a bit rock n’ roll, and Savannah’s voice sounds more at home on a country ballad. Neither seemed particularly well suited to the song during rehearsals, but Savannah came onstage with a saucy attitude we hadn’t previously seen and gave a feisty, battle-winning performance. Our little girl’s growing up fast, y’all!

Duos Do It Better. Out of the three duos going into battle this season, two came out victorious – The Swon Brothers and Midas Whale. This is a good average for a show that’s never really laid out the welcome mat for duos and a pretty delightful turn of events.

Most Surprising Lack of Steals. Everyone loved Jessica Childress during her blind audition, and she slayed “Locked out of Heaven” (despite the song key being out of her comfort zone). She deserved a spot in the Knockout rounds, and I’m shocked no one pushed their button.

That’s called the Kid’n Play. When they cut to Usher giving Blake a “much needed” dance lesson, everyone at home prayed the lesson would take. Maybe Blake will be a dance prodigy and put aside his country moonwalk for good? Maybe I’ll become a physicist? Any dream’s possible with The Voice.

Montage This. I have a suggestion. Why don’t we make more time to see FULL battles next season by cutting these silly “step out of the Kia” moments on the red carpet? Then we won’t have to miss battles like Michelle Chamuel’s, which was probably awesome (we’ll never know, will we?).

Shake, Rattle and Roll. When Adam revealed “Burning Love” as his song choice for Midas Whale’s battle against Patrick Dodd, I squealed a little. When they did a fun folk/bluegrass arrangement of it, I squealed some more. I’m of the opinion that everyone needs more Elvis in their lives (my bobblehead Elvis agrees!). This was an inspired choice on Adam’s part and one of the most interesting battles this season. While I’m sad to lose Patrick’s raspy, lived-in voice, I’m happy we’ll have more time with the hilarious Midas Whale.

The Claws Come Out.
My least favorite moments this week were Cathia’s interactions with Mary Miranda during their pre-battle rehearsals of “Antes de las Seis.” From relishing the fact that Mary didn’t know the song in their first rehearsal to throwing her under a bus with Shakira in their final rehearsal, Cathia’s poor sportsmanship detracted from her fantastic battle performance. Let’s hope her new coach Usher helps her straighten up and fly right, because when it comes to Live rounds? Being likeable means everything.

PS: I remember getting my song assignment the DAY OF my first battle rehearsal in Season 2. I didn’t know the song well and had little time to learn it before rehearsing with Adam on camera. It was terrifying, so I empathize with Mary’s situation. It’s not about being unprepared. Sometimes you just don’t know the song, y’all.

Best of the Bruno Mars Songbook. The real winner of the battles this week was Bruno Mars, who had not 1 but 2 songs on Monday’s episode – “Locked out of Heaven” and “It Will Rain.” How about doing his entire catalogue before the season ends? Because if loving Bruno Mars is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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