The One Where We All Come Together To Talk About TV

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Friends references! Timely! Well, they are somewhat timely, actually. And in any event, aren’t Friends references always timely? #WeWereOnABreak #LOL #SoPhresh

But OK, moving on to TV shows that are currently, you know, still airing new episodes… What did you watch this week? Mad Men‘s off to a bit of a slow start this season, don’t you think? But I guess they always start off kind of slow. However, Parks and Recreation is still killin’ it!

We asked our TV-loving Twitter friends which shows they enjoyed watching this week to diverse responses:


Of course, people still have things to say about our on-site TV recaps, too:

Alex, you are right about those naughty cameras, like the close-up of Kenya blotting her face, Phaedra eating her whipped cream and Adrienne’s ripped jacket. The producers are obviously being influenced by the cast’s immature behavior. I agree with your premise that Lydia should make nice with the other cast members from the start, however, Heather is still new herself, and in this case, I think it may be fortunate for Lydia that she did not coddle the Dubrow’s. The fans are tired of their alliance with G and T while ripping on Alexis for every little thing. – Amber, on the latest Real Housewives of Orange County

And last week’s episode of The Voice got everyone commenting:

I think Usher might be crazy crazy! Very entertaining though. btw…the product placement wasn’t even successful! I didn’t even know it was a kia until reading your blog. ha! – Amy

No montages!!! Boo!! – Ryan

Judith & Karina’s battle was so incredible!!!! Shakira is in the competition now! & when Blake stole Tayor… I was asking for the tissues. It was so sweet. – dm1111

That’s all we have time for this week. Happy couch surfing, TV Lovers!