Beyonce Teases Yet Another New Song In Commercial for H&M

Beyonce’s quest to control our capitalist society continued this morning by way of a new commercial for clothing brand H&M.

As with the commercial Beyonce recently shot for Pepsi, this latest campaign spot features a snippet of a new song from her forthcoming CD.

This one is called “Standing on the Sun,” and it actually sounds quite good. If anything, it fits in well with the whole island breeze theme of the commercial, even if the commercial eventually spirals into madness, as most Beyonce videos do.

She also looks really, really good in a bikini — but, duh, we knew that already.

Beyonce performed last night in Paris as part of her Mrs. Carter Show would tour. Her new CD is expected to come out whenever Gwyneth Paltrow finds out more info.

Learn the lyrics to “Standing on the Sun” at Directlyrics because — let’s face it — it’s going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.