Jennifer Lawrence Is A Giant And Other Funny Things

I, for one, would welcome a giant-sized Jennifer Lawrence into my life. Not only would I welcome her, I would help her run for President of the Universe, and she would win, because — HELLO! — Giant Jennifer Lawrence! For now, however, this is only a beautiful, photoshopped dream… But some day…

Also in this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup: celebrity tweets set to music, celebrites with animal eyes, and Jake Johnson impersonating popular memes. Let’s get to the funny stuff.

First up, more Giantifer Lawrence, via BuzzFeed:

Shane Dawson takes celebrity tweets and sets them to dramatic music:

Did you miss the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Get caught up with Gay of Thrones:

What do we all think of this Amanda Bynes fan art?

And here we have the honest trailer for Harry Potter:

Of course, we can’t continue until we’ve seen celebrities with animal eyes:

Lastly, Jake Johnson pulls an Alison Brie and imitates popular memes:

And with that, we end this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup. But it doesn’t really have to end here. Send us your favorite memes and macros by using the widget below:

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See you next week!