Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Edition

Thursday has become a time to reminisce on days past — at least, in the world of social media.

But the Twitter and Instagram tradition is more than a mere chance to self-indulge by sharing your Kodak moments — everything from childhood cherished memories, to last month’s still-blurry bash, to even just yesterday’s delectable dinner — with your pals near and far.

Throwback Thursday provides the perfect opportunity to feast your eyes on your favorite stars’ flashbacks.

To that end, Celebuzz is kicking Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Edition, a weekly roundup of some standout snaps that your most beloved, shutter-happy celebrities are hashtaging in the social media sphere.

From Rihanna’s throwing up the west coast sign with Snoop, to Gabrielle Union back in her baller days, to Jimmy Fallon’s 80s’ prom night, click through this week’s Throwback Thursday gallery above.

Then chime in: Which throwback comes out on top this week? State your case in the comments section, below.