The Battle Of The Blockbusters Starts Monday

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What will be the biggest-and-bestest movie of the summer? It’s up to you, dear readers, to bestow that honor upon one of eight sure-to-be-massive films coming soon to theaters near us all.

Summer movie season begins May 3, when the highly-anticipated Iron Man 3 hits theaters. And it doesn’t stop there! For the rest of the summer, moviegoers with a taste for big-budget, explosive-action epics will be overwhelmed with choices. From The Hangover Part III to Man of Steel to The Fast and the Furious 6 to Star Trek Into Darkness, there is no end of options.

We want to know which of this summers’ blockbusters you are most anxious to see, which movies you think will blow up the box office, and which movies, once you’ve had a chance to see them, you thought were the best.

On Monday, April 29, we will unveil the full bracket of competing movies and open up the first round of voting. Each round of voting will pit two movies against each other, and the winner will advance to the next round. Eventually, after weeks of voting and hours of theater-going, we’ll have all settled on this year’s ultimate blockbuster.

TL;DR version: Who would win in a fight between Superman and Iron Man?

See you Monday!