Bieber-Mania Entices Students In Finland To Cut Class

Bieber-mania has come to Finland and his teenage Nordic fans are coming down with so much “Bieber Fever” they’re taking the day off.

According to Finnish reports in Stara online, some schools are granting their students a ditch day April 26 when Justin Bieber is scheduled to perform at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena.

It’s not considered a holiday, but with parental permission students are reportedly able to cut class to make it to the highly-anticipated show.

But the City of Helsinki Education Department isn’t giving any love to Biebs.

They’re telling all the starstruck teens that Friday is a normal school day, according to Finland’s Yle News and that J-Biebs’ rare celeb presence in town doesn’t give him – or them – any VIP treatment.

What!? But it’s the Biebs!

“In my view there is no reason to give a day off because of Justin Bieber. Moreover, no school principal can make a unilateral decision to give this kind of time off, it needs to be approved by the school board,” school principal Markku Keijonen told radio station YleX.

Ouch! Aren’t you a Belieber?

Just take a look all the screaming (and crying) fans who are true to the Biebs – as they stake out the Kamppi hotel in Helsinki to get a glimpse of the 19-year-old heartthrob. (Hysterical fans and all, this must be a more pleasant surprise than having your bus raided for drugs — right, Biebs?)

(Video: YouTube/Katja Lappi)