In The Future, All Movies Will Be Based on ‘Wired’ Articles

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In the future all meals will come in pill form. In the future all person-to-person interaction will be replaced by computers. In the future all movies will be based on Joshuah Bearman articles.

Using the strategy of “if it works, squeeze it for all the profit you can,” George Clooney is reportedly teaming up with Bearman again for his next movie. Clooney produced Argo, which was based on an article Bearman wrote for Wired magazine, and was awarded Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards.

The film will be called Coronado High and is based on an as-yet unpublished article penned by Bearman. Therefore, details about the plot are slim. What we do know is that it involves a group of teenagers who begin to smuggle drugs in the affluent resort city near San Diego. Clooney is producing the film with Grant Heslov and David Klawans, with whom he also partnered to produce Argo. It’s still too early for casting news, but Tate Donovan can probably play one of the Coronado High students, right?

And if two Bearman article-inspired films aren’t enough for you, Klawans is also currently working on a film called Art of the Steal, which is also based on, you guessed it, a Joshuah Bearman article.

Welcome to the future.